Monday, August 24, 2015

Fast and Easy Ironing Board Cover DIY

     I honestly can count on one hand the number of times that I have used my ironing board for clothing.  99.99% of the time it is solely used for my sewing projects....which means that it is still used on an almost daily basis.  My poor ironing board was looking rather ragged, so I decided to make a new cover.  New cover for me, quick new tutorial for you!

All you need is a 2 yard length of fabric, kitchen twine (or you can reuse the string in your original cover), pins or clips and thread.

First, take your cover existing cover off of the ironing board.  Set the layer of foam to the side.  Lay your fabric out on the floor face down and set the ironing board upside down on top, like so:

Now, draw a line around the ironing board, about 3" away from the edge.  Cut it out!  Please note that if your ironing board has the iron rest on the end like mine, draw your line just around the board part where your cover goes.  When you cut it out, it should look something like this:

Ok, now grab a big pile of pins or clips and your string.  You're going to create a casing around the perimeter for the string.  Fold the edge down 3/4" and then over again by an inch.  Leaving a 12" tail, tuck the string into the fold as you go, and pin or clip into place.

Make sure you are keeping the string pulled to the top!
Continue around the entire edge and when you get all the way back around to the beginning, snip  a spot for your strings to come out.  Leave another 12" tail on this end too.

Lay it over your ironing board to make sure that it should fit.

Now all that's left is to sew that casing up and put your new cover into place.  Sew 1/4" from the bottom (inside edge) of the hem, starting at the opening you created. Make sure that you back stitch at both the beginning and end, going over the raw edges.

That's it peeps!  Put your foam back on, then cover with your brand new ironing board cover!  Tighten the cover down very well by pulling on those string ends so that it doesn't slide around or lift up while your are using it.

So pretty....and cheap!  I found this fabric in the red-tag clearance section at JoAnn's.  Less than $5 to make this, and I actually only used about half of the fabric width.  I don't know about you, but everyday tasks are more fun for me when I have something lovely to look at.  With the excess fabric, I made this:

Tutorial for the Reusable (washable!) Journal Cover coming soon!  I've made a few of these now and I am hooked!



  1. Love all the pictures! This looks like something my wife would love!

    1. Thanks! I take soooo many pictures when I do a project, lol.

  2. My grandmother would love this, I adore the fabric! I like that you made it into a step by step tutorial!

    1. I love this fabric too! It makes ironing for a couple of hours a day much more fun when there is prettiness to look at. :)

  3. This is great. Easy to follow instructions and such pretty fabric! I love pretty fabrics ( I used to work for a textile co. many years ago)

    1. That is so cool! I have been trying to find some US-based textile companies to purchase fabric in bulk, but not having any luck yet. :/

    2. The name of my co was Cranston Print Works. They were based in Cranston RI. Good luck .


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