Thursday, September 3, 2015

Liebster Award!


Guess what?!  I've been nominated for a Newbie Blogging Liebster Award by Evi from Ev's Eats!   Check her out, she has some awesome recipes!  

What is the Newbie Blogger Liebster Award?

The Newbie Blogging Liebster Award is an award given to new bloggers, usually for those who have less than 200 followers, by other bloggers as a way to support each other in our journey to growing and building our blogs.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Craft Fair Apron Tutorial

Hey there!  How have you been?  Around here we are gearing up for craft show season to start in about a month (eeek!).  Nicole from No Time for DIY (check her out, she's awesome) and I will be hitting the circuit together.  I've done craft shows before, but it's been a while, so I thought I would give you guys a glimpse into how we put things together along the way.